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~# Novak Djokovic - Murray Murray live text commentary and coverage Tennis Australian Open Final

The Winner:
Novak Djokovic

Djokovic [2]6-7 7-6[3] 6-3 6-2 Murray GAME, SET AND CHAMPIONSHIP! Murray limply puts it into the net and the Serbian claims his third straight Australian Open. And he's delighted! Naturally.

Match stats

Djokovic Murray
1st serves
Double faults
1st serve win %
2nd serve win %
Break points

12.24pmChampionship point Djokovic...

12.24pmIt's now level after Djokovic runs Murray ragged right and then left.

12.23pmOh my. What a stroke of luck for Djokovic. Murray keeps himself in the point with a lob and Djokovic smashes into the top of the net and it bobbles over!

12.22pmStunning backhand from Murray, who went down the line with Djokovic expecting the pass. That's 0-30.

12.21pmDjokovic nets with a drop shot right on top of it. First blood Murray...

Djokovic [2]6-7 7-6[3] 6-3 *5-2 MurrayMurray holds, more comfortably than for a while, but you feel the Serbian was conserving a little energy for the push on his serve here. Murray couldn't ask for more at this point than forcing Djokovic to serve it out and now he has to hope for a chance.

12.18pmHe moves up 30-0 with some good first serves, but Djokovic pulls of a dream of a drop shot from deep. My word.

Djokovic [2]6-7 7-6[3] 6-3 5-1* MurrayFour straight points in that game moves the Serb to within a game. It's falling apart for Murray and you can see him being broken again here.

12.16pmToo good from Djokovic. Murray threw away the point at 0-30 but the Serb has just hit a sublime forehand just over the net into the far side of the court and a similar shot on the backhand has given him game point.

12.14pmIs there fight in Murray yet? He's attacking the Djokovic serve and is 0-30 to the good.

Djokovic [2]6-7 7-6[3] 6-3 *4-1 MurrayBREAK! Murray cannot hold a tight one. He goes long and Djokovic is two games away from his third straight Australian Open. He was impossibly good in that game, at one point saving it from deep in the shadows. You can't beat him like this.

12.09pmUnbelievable defence from Djokovic and it's Murray who puts a backhand wide for break point.

12.06pmMurray gets himself ahead. In the next point he returns a smash long and it's deuce.

12.04pmIt's a real battle now. Djokovic goes 0-30 ahead but Murray comes out on top of a crucial rally to pull one back.

Djokovic [2]6-7 7-6[3] 6-3 3-1* MurrayDjokovic holds a close one, but a vital one. It's desperate times now for the British number one.

12.01pmHe's battling, but the fine margins put Murray down 40-30.

11.59amAll the breaks are going Djokovic's way now. His drop shot from the back of the court clips the top of the net and goes just the right side.

Djokovic [2]6-7 7-6[3] 6-3 *2-1 MurrayBREAK! That could be the end of Murray. Another big rally goes Djokovic's way when Murray nets with a backhand, and Djokovic gets his second break and will now serve to consolidate it. Hard to see a way back for Murray.

11.55amHuge serve saves the first for Murray. He needs another of those.

11.55amDjokovic now has two break points, bullying Murray around court and finishing with a forehand winner.

Djokovic [2]6-7 7-6[3] 6-3 1-1* MurrayThree big first serves pull Djokovic back from break point down to level the set. That should give the Brit some hope, though.

11.52amJust too good from Djokovic. Two big serves and he follows them up well to get the advantage.

11.51amBut maybe not! Djoko puts a forehand wide and Murray has a single break point.

11.50amDjokovic wins a huge rally and levels at 30-30. You think Murray's chance has slipped now.

11.48amHe has a chance. Two sloppy Djokovic shots has put Murray 0-30 up.

11.47amNow he simply has to start getting at the Djokovic serve.

Djokovic [2]6-7 7-6[3] 6-3 *0-1 MurrayAn unbelievable volley a the net from Murray to control a powerful Djokovic attempted pass sends him on his way to a vital hold. So important that he won that one and he did, but it took a big effort.

11.44amSuperb response from Murray, clipping the line with a forehand to level it.

11.42amVery important service game this for Murray. He's down 0-30 following a trademark Djokovic backhand.

Djokovic [2]6-7 7-6[3] 6-3* MurraySET! Djokovic stepped it up then when needed. He completely dominated on serve there to take the set 6-3 and a 2-1 lead. Murray has to take it to five if he's to win this. Murray is moaning to the umpire about something, I'm not sure exactly what.

11.37amHe starts well with an unreturnable serve down the middle.

Djokovic [2]6-7 7-6[3] *5-3 MurrayBREAK! After nearly three hours, we have a break! And it goes to Djokovic. Murray nets with a forehand and this will be a massive test of his credentials. Djokovic to serve for the set.

11.35amDjokovic then goes long with a defensive forehand! Seven of seven break points saved thus far from the Brit.

11.34amDjokovic finds the line with his return but then hits into the net. One saved for Murray.

11.34amNow three break points for Djokovic. Another forehand winner there and the break looks well on.

11.33amHe's in trouble here. Djokovic came to the net and Murray went wide with the backhand down the line and it's 0-30.

11.32amThat point won't have been good for Murray's blister! Djokovic takes it with a quality forehand winner after bruising baseline hits from both players. Incredible.

11.30amTotal points won: Djokovic 99-100 Murray. That tells the whole story.

Djokovic [2]6-7 7-6[3] 4-3* MurrayDjokovic stays in the final point with a great lob, before Murray goes wide with a forehand. A little more resistance from Murray, but it's a simple hold in the scheme of things. Pressure back to the Brit.

11.28amHe can't get back level, however, as Djokovic follows up with a thunderous backhand winner that tops Murray's.

11.27amHe gets one point with a fantastic wide backhand back across the court.

11.26amTwo poor shots from Murray gift Djokovic a 30-0 lead. It'll take a big effort from him to break here.

Djokovic [2]6-7 7-6[3] *3-3 MurrayHe's pumping himself up now Murray after that hold. There's an odd flow to this one, as if both players know a tie break is again inevitable.

11.24amUntil He hits the net and then goes long...

11.23amReally solid from Murray. He's 40-0 up.

Djokovic [2]6-7 7-6[3] 3-2* MurrayDespite that it again goes with serve comfortably. There's not even been a hint of a break so far. Djokovic had five break points in the opener, Murray had three at 0-40 in the second game of the second set, but nothing so far in the third after five games.

11.19amGood attacking from Murray to level at 15-15. He powered into a forehand after running Djokovic ragged.

Djokovic [2]6-7 7-6[3] *2-2 MurrayNo is the simple answer. Murray hits with some powerful serve and some big baseline shots to hold to love to level the set. That's now 28 games without a break.

Djokovic [2]6-7 7-6[3] 2-1* MurrayAnother simple hold from Djokovic to 15. Murray hasn't had a look at the Djokovic serve for a while. The Serb is closer to securing a break, but still has to step it up to manage it. Can he do it here?

11.12amStrange shot from Djokovic then. Murray's deep shot might have been going out but Djokovic takes it on the full and hits the net. He recovers with a god one-two to make it 30-15.

Djokovic [2]6-7 7-6[3] *1-1 MurrayDjokovic shows some resistance on the Murray second serve and makes it 40-30 with a smash, but a big serve from Murray gets him off the mark in the set. Still no break of serve in well over two hours of play.

11.08amPowerful stuff from Murray to put Djokovic on the defensive. He moves 30-0 ahead.

Djokovic [2]6-7 7-6[3] 1-0* MurrayThat's a straightforward hold from Djokovic and he's underway well in the third.

11.05amA point apiece to start the next set.

11.04amThat last set was 65 minutes, just three shorter than the opener. Will we have a break in this one? Djokovic to get us back underway.

11.02amTo be fair I'm not surprised he has a blister, it's been brutal baseline tennis at times.

11.01amMurray is getting treatment on a painful looking blister. In my very amateur sporting life one of those takes me out for a week! I'm sure it won't matter to Murray though in this Slam final. He's getting treatment and we have a medical timeout.

Djokovic [2]6-7 *7-6[3] MurraySET! Murray limps one into the net and Djokovic takes the second! Just as Djokovic edged the first set and lost it, the same has happened to Murray. Could those three break points in the second game of the set come back to haunt him? Absolute deadlock this is.

10.57amBruising from both players but Djokovic somehow takes the point with incredible accurate strokes. He leads 6-3 now on serve.

10.55amMurray can't return and Djokovic leads 5-2. Two huge service points now for Murray.

10.54amNow 4-2 as Murray puts a forehand wide following a baseline rally. Warning signs here.

10.53amA feather puts off Murray on second serve and, after removing it, he double faults. 3-2 and advantage Djokovic.

10.51amDjokovic wins both his serves to go ahead 2-1. The first time he's been up in a breaker in this match.

10.50amMurray gets ahead straight away with Djokovic returning long.

Djokovic [2]6-7 6-6* MurrayReally good hold from Djokovic and it's a second tie break.

10.49amHe passes with flying colours. As he has done a few times, he comes to the net under pressure and finishes with a smash out wide.

10.48amDjoko gets himself ahead but a tight double fault levels it at 30-30. Big test of the Serbian here.

10.46amMurray on the attack at the second serve. He comes to the net and volleys the finish for the opening point.

Djokovic [2]6-7 *5-6 MurrayMore really solid serving from Murray - he's been much stronger with the ball in this set. He holds and Djokovic again will serve to stay in the set.

10.42amNot to worry - he makes up for it with an ace right down the T.

10.42amI wasn't keen on that defensive slice then from Murray. He seemed to have the Serb on the ropes, but let him back in for 15-15.

Djokovic [2]6-7 5-5* MurrayIt takes some textbook baseline hitting to stop Murray, but Djokovic is strong to hold and level the set. A really good game of tennis, both men are solid.

10.38amDjokovic recovers well with some good smashes - he's been solid overhead so far.

10.37amYou can hear the effort the Serb is putting in, but Murray hits a quite superb forehand pass for 0-15.

10.37amThere's some pressure now on the Djokovic serve. In a crucial second set he now serves to stay in it.

Djokovic [2]6-7 *4-5 MurrayHe again double faults at 40-0, exactly as he did in his last service game. Djokovic goes long and Murray holds easily once more. The breaks will prove crucial in this.

10.34amReally strong from Murray. He hits a sublime backhand winner before Djokovic nets for 40-0.

Djokovic [2]6-7 4-4* MurrayDjokovic holds without too much drama. Mayeb if I say it now it'll jinx it, but this is heading to another tie break.

Djokovic [2]6-7 *3-4 MurrayMurray serves his first double fault to gift Djokovic a sniff of getting back in it, but the Serb goes long and it's an easy serve. After 19 games, not including the breaker, we've yet to see a break point converted. There haven't been that many for either player.

10.26amMaybe not. A couple of good point from Murray for 30-0, the latter an inside-out forehand winner.

Djokovic [2]6-7 3-3* MurrayApart from that one Murray winner it was comfortable there for Djokovic. He gives up just one point for the first time in the set - is this a clue that he's about to attack the Murray serve?

10.23amImportant game this for Djokovic. He started well for 30-0 before Murray clips a delightful one over the post for the winner.

Djokovic [2]6-7 *2-3 MurrayComfortable hold from Murray and he finishes with another ace down the middle. A very good game from the Brit and Novak is showing a bit of frustration.

10.19amFantastic volley from Djokovic! Not with his racquet though, he's powered a left-footer right into the crowd. He lost the point though, in the game he's paid to play.

10.18amDjokovic sliding around like he's on clay. It's effective and he levels at 15-15 with Murray hitting the net.

10.17amFantastic spinning ace from Murray to start his service game.

Djokovic [2]6-7 2-2* MurrayAfter a small scare, the Serbian holds. Still no break in this one.

10.14amSuperb return from Murray on the second serve with a jumping backhand down the line and Djokovic goes long on the next point. Instead of a comfortable hold it's deuce.

10.13amBig ace from Djokovic at 15-15 right down the middle, and he follows it with a wide one for 40-15.

Djokovic [2]6-7 *1-2 MurrayA big ace brings up game point for Murray and he finishes it following a powerful forehand right into the corner. That was a strong hold after the disappointment of the previous game.

10.09amHowever, a backhand put wide brings Djokovic level.

10.07amIt doesn't seem so. A big serve and a good point of aggressive play move him 30-0 up.

Djokovic [2]6-7 1-1* MurrayWhat a hold. It was shot for shot in the last point but Djokovic takes it with a wonderfully timed drop shot returned into the net by Murray. Will those three break points play on him?

10.04amIn the space of a game it's Djokovic on top. What a forehand down the line from the defending champ.

10.03amDjokovic saves the first with a one-two at the net, although Murray still managed to reach it. Murray goes wide for the first time in a long time to leave him with just the one break point. Unbelievable, gutsy play from Djokovic as he saves the third as well.

10.01amThe Serb goes long again and Murray has three break points.

10amMurray is full of confidence. His shots are not missing and Djokovic is - 0-30 here.

Djokovic [2]6-7 *0-1 MurrayWhat a start from Murray. Everything is going over the net, he's defending, he's attacking well. Currently the Serb has no answers as the Brit ends the game with an ace down the middle.

9.57amDjokovic is the best in the game at putting a set out of his mind and moving on. He does it on a point-by-point basis, so that set won't have affected him. Murray, however, will be buoyed. I might be wrong though, two errors from Djokovic and Murray is 30-0 up.

9.55amDjokovic shaded that set in most areas until the breaker. It was close, yes, but Murray flew out of the blocks in the tie break and Djokovic was always chasing. Big service game now for Murray.

Djokovic [2]6-7 MurraySET! Djokovic wins a huge point at 6-1 down with a backhand down the line on second serve but then goes long! Murray takes the opener after 68 minutes and what a tie break he just played.

9.52amDjokovic again goes long for a 5-1 Murray lead and then hits a forehand winner cross-court for 6-1. Five set points Murray.

9.50amDjokovic puts a smash right on the line to get back into the breaker. 4-1 Murray, he's now on serve.

9.48amThe umpire overrules a non-call on a long Novak forehand and it's now 4-0.

9.46amHe wins his first service point superbly, running Djokovic from left to right and finishing with a forehand winner. Djokovic then goes long. 3-0 Murray.

9.45amDouble fault starts it from Djokovic. Murray now has two serves to get an advantage.

Djokovic *6-6 MurrayThe players exchange points with errors in a nervy game, but Murray holds well in the end with a big serve that cannot be returned. After an hour, we're into a tie break. Could be key this first one.

Djokovic 6-5* MurrayHowever, he's powerless to resist once more, despite Djokovic serving the first double fault of the match. Now Murray must hold to go to a breaker, or he's lost the opening set.

9.36amDjokovic is 30-0 here, but some of these points are going several shots longer than they would against any other opponent, Murray is defending well.

Djokovic *5-5 MurrayMurray takes his most comfortable service game for a while following an excellent last point. Murray looks out of it twice but defends incredibly, before Djokovic hits a difficult volley long. It looks for all the world like a tie break here.

9.33amMurray is up 40-15 here, with some decent first serves in and more success in the rally.

Djokovic 5-4* MurrayAgain after just a touch of resistance Djokovic takes his service game. Murray hasn't had a break point yet, but has saved a handful.

9.27amMurray's first drop shot is appalling. Djokovic wouldn't have got there, but he didn't have to in the end as it plops straight into the net.

Djokovic *4-4 MurrayIf either player looks like being broken at the moment it is Murray, but he holds his second very close service game running and levels the set. He's hanging on well.

9.24amHe saves it really well with an overhead volley coming to the net.

9.24amMurray nets from the baseline with a poor forehand and the first point of his next service game goes to the Serb. He goes long with a backhand and Djokovic leads 15-30. Djokovic stops a rally to challenge and is correct - break point.

Djokovic 4-3* MurraySome early pressure from Murray in the game ends with that outrageous diving point, and the Serb wraps up the game comfortable. Again he came to the net in the final point, he has done a few times so far today.

9.17amUneblievable. Djokovic dives, still manages to get it over the net and return to it for a drop shot winner. Just superb.

Djokovic *3-3 MurrayMurray saves one break point with Djokovic hitting long and the second with some good hitting from the baseline. Then a long rally ends with the Serb taking the initiative and getting another break point with a huge backhand. Murray serves big to save again, despite Djokovic somehow getting it back over the net. He saves yet another with yet another brutal rally, this time Djokovic netting. Two booming Murray serves win him the game and it's a vital, morale-boosting hold. Fantastic game of tennis.

9.07amNow Murray poorly hits a backhand long and it's two break points.

9.07amDjokovic misses with an inside-out forehand and instead of three break points it's 15-30.

9.05amMarvellous pass from Djokovic. Murray sets the point up well with a drive to the corner and advancement to the net but the Serb found the line with his forehand.

Djokovic 3-2* MurrayHe defends well again, with Djokovic netting for 30-30 to give himself a small look-in. The Serbian responds magnificently with a massive forehand that clips the line, but puts a simple enough volley wide to bring up deuce. Murray gets a chance with a poor Djokovic drive volley but nets with the pass and Djokovic takes the game with an unbelievable point - Murray on the attack, comes to the net with the Serb finding the gap with a backhand almost round the net.

8.59amReally good defence from Murray to stay in that point and Djokovic eventually puts a forehand wide for 30-15.

Djokovic *2-2 MurrayMurray equal to Djokovic's forehands and backhands at the moment, which forced the serve into trying a drop shot, but he put it into the net. Murray holds comfortably and too finishes with a good ace down the line - very well placed and the Brit has yet to drop a point on his own serve.

Djokovic 2-1* MurrayMurray digs in a little to the Djokovic serve, but it's comfortable enough for the Serb as he finishes with a good wide ace. We're with serve currently, both men have started well on their own serve.

Djokovic *1-1 MurrayAnother good second serve takes him to a love and a comfortable hold following some Djokovic forced errors. It's his first serve that's rarely finding the target at the moment, but no problems with his second serve so good for now.

8.50amMuch better second serve that from Murray. He caught the line and Djokovic goes long for 30-0.

Djokovic 1-0* MurrayMurray takes the first point on second serve, but the Serb responds with two big serves - an ace followed by a swift one-two. Very solid from Djokovic, who takes it to 15. Can Murray hold his opener?

8.46amAnd here we go! Djokovic to serve.

8.45amIt's also worth remembering that Murray has had a day less to prepare for this one. He played Federer late on Friday and now plays late on Sunday. Djokovic, however, played his three sets on Thursday.

8.44amI really hope it does live up to its billing, this one. It's a potential four-plus hour match, but equally it could end in two. After Djokovic's showing against Ferrer he will be bursting with confidence, but Murray's five-setter against Federer could actually have set him up well.

8.41amBack to the previous point. The Murray second serve had been much improved in 2012 with the introduction of Ivan Lendl as his coach but his previous weakness came back to haunt him, especially in the breakers. His forehand is also stronger, but he'll need every element at its best to win. There's no reason why he shouldn't be at his best, however, and it should be very close indeed.

8.39amMurray has chosen to receive first, so we'll be underway after the warm-ups.

8.37amIt could well go down to who has the most rounded game. For me, that has to be Djokovic, unless Murray can improve his second serve. It was, frankly, shocking against Federer.

8.36amThe conditions here are much different, however. In the US it was windy - they'd been hit by a tornado only a few days before the final. Here, however, under the lights, it's warm and still. A true test of the players' respective abilities.

8.34amThis will be an interesting contest with some good subplots. Djokovic will be determined to fight back after US Open defeat to Murray. Murray in turn will be keen to keep the edge over the Serb. There's no doubt it's between the current best two players in the world.

8.29amIt took the Serb a while to get going in this tournament and indeed he was close to going out against Stanislas Wawrinks in arguably the match of the tournament so far.

8.26amDjokovic will go into this one as the favourite. If you fancy a flutter, odds for a Serbian win can be had at 8/15. A Murray win is 8/5 currently.

8.24amAndre Agassi has taken the Norman Brookes trophy down to courtside and will present it to the winner afterwards. The American won it four times, in 1995, 2000, 2001 and 2003.

8.20amMurray is looking to become the first player to follow their maiden Slam win with their next at the very next attempt, and he's hopeful. He said: "I think I started to play better tennis and played at my optimum level more in the big matches over the last year or so, which hasn't always been the case. "That's what has changed for me."

8.17amDjokovic is expecting a long battle today. He said: ""Considering the fact that every time we played in the last six or seven encounters, it was always long, physically demanding matches. We have to expect something similar to happen, and I'm ready."

8.13amIf you refresh that previous link will be working now. Let's have a look at what the players have been saying in the build-up to this one.

8.11amDjokovic was somewhat more comfortable in his semi-final, beating Ferrer inside an hour and a half. Disappointingly poor from the Spaniard, but Djokovic was supreme.

8.09amMurray was run close last time by Roger Federer. The result in truth was close than it should have been, with Federer taking two sets on tie breaks. However Murray edged through to beat the Swiss - his first win over him in a Slam. Could be a pivotal moment should he go on to win today.

8.05amDjokovic, the reigning champion, is looking for his third straight Australian Open title, and it would be some achievement indeed.

8.03amAfter two weeks of intriguing tennis, we end with Djokovic vs. Murray for the first Grand Slam of the year.

8.02amGood morning everyone. Here it is, the big one! The men's final.

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